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Which rabbit predicts that something terrible will happen to the warren in the beginning?

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Which rabbit gets caught in a snare?

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Which rabbit tells great stories?

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Who is the smartest of the rabbits?

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Which character finds out the location of the Efrafan warren?

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Which creature can fly?

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Who is the leader of the Efrafan warren?

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Who is El-ahrairah's faithful companion?

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Who is not a member of an Owsla?

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Who warns Hazel of the Efrafan attack?

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How many rabbits are freed from the farm?

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Why do the rabbits need more rabbits?

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Who fights Woundwort?

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Who tracks the rabbits on their return from Efrafa and finds their warren?

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Who has the first kittens at the new warren?

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Who saves Hazel from the cat?

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Who is the Fairy Wogdog?

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Who destroys the home warren?

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Who gets Kehaar to offer to help the warren?

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Who jumps off of the boat with Hazel?

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What does El-ahrairah steal from King Darzin?

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Who leads the Efrafan warren in the end?

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Who saves Hazel's life after he is shot?

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Whom does Bigwig convince to leave the Owsla with him?

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Whom does Bigwig save from the Efrafan warren?