The young leader of the rabbits, and Fiver's brother. As the rabbits flee their home warren, Hazel guides them through all of their difficulties. He thinks quickly and imaginatively, frequently putting himself at risk in order to protect the other rabbits. Hazel wins the unfailing loyalty of the other rabbits and uses the best of each of them to help the group.

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Hazel's brother. Fiver is small and awkward, but he sees things that no other rabbits see. His sixth sense saves the rabbits many times, and they learn to always seek his opinion. Fiver offers advice to Hazel throughout the entire journey, although he always does so in a way that does not undermine his brother's leadership.

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The strongest of the refugees and a courageous and daring fighter. Bigwig's knowledge and power saves the group many times. Cunning and intelligent, Bigwig savors battle, but knows when to avoid it.

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General Woundwort

The head of the Efrafa warren and the only rabbit bigger and stronger than Bigwig. Militant and vengeful, Woundwort tries to destroy Hazel's warren and in doing so almost destroys his own.

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Captain Campion

Woundwort's best captain. Campion is a great tracker and a courageous rabbit who leads the Efrafans back to their warren in the end. Brave yet under control, Campion helps set up the new warren in between the down and Efrafa.

Captain Holly

The captain of the Owsla back at the home warren. Holly is a good tracker and a strong fighter. He tracks down the rabbits who leave the warren and settles down with them.


The smartest of the rabbits. Blackberry figures out things that most of the other rabbits cannot even understand. Hazel comes to Blackberry whenever he needs a plan or an idea.


The fastest of the rabbits, who often runs ahead to scout. Dandelion's speed comes in handy often, and Hazel uses him in some schemes because he knows Dandelion will not get caught. Dandelion also tells many stories.


The smallest of the rabbits. Pipkin is Fiver's friend and is fiercely loyal to Hazel. Hazel can often count on Pipkin to follow him without questioning and without hesitating.


The bird whom Hazel tells the rabbits to help. Kehaar becomes a good friend of Bigwig's. He is strong and knowledgeable and helps the rabbits numerous times, explaining to them about things they had never seen before.


The only rabbit to leave the warren of the snares. Strawberry is larger than the other rabbits but he knows little of the wild. Eager to learn and help the others, he designs the Honeycomb and shares his knowledge of building with them.


A strong rabbit who is good at tracking. Blackavar, who was rescued from the Efrafan warren by Bigwig, had tried to escape but failed. Bigwig rejuvenates Blackavar and gains his unswerving loyalty.


A rabbit brought by Blackberry in the beginning. Buckthorn is strong and large, and along with Silver and Bigwig he fights often for Hazel's party. Quiet and straightforward, Buckthorn always helps the warren, but does not often act on his own.


A rabbit Bigwig convinces to leave the Owsla. Silver adds experience, size, and strength in addition to his ability to act quickly and get a handle on a situation. Hazel can count on Silver both to fight well and to make the best decision for the group's welfare.


The leader of the rabbits at the warren of the snares. Cowslip shocks Hazel and Blackberry by laughing at them. He lives his life pretending that rabbits are not dying all around him, and he is almost killed by Holly.


Holly's faithful friend who uses humor to lighten up situations. Bluebell traveled with Holly to find Hazel's rabbits. Bluebell tells stories almost as well as Dandelion.


The first doe to bear a litter in the new warren. Clover is one of the hutch rabbits that Hazel decides to set free from the barn. She adjusts to the wild life better than any of the others, and she mates with Speedwell.


An Efrafan doe. Hyzenthlay is intelligent and caring and she helps Bigwig free the other does. She can sometimes see special things like Fiver can, and she mates with Holly and bears the second litter in the new warren.


The Chief Rabbit in the old home warren who listened to Fiver's warnings but did not do anything about them. Threarah's decision was prudent—as moving a warren is often worse than staying put—but in this case he was wrong.


A rabbit brought by Dandelion. Hawkbit at one point early on questions Hazel's authority. After that, however, he follows orders and helps the group as best as he can.


A rabbit Blackberry convinced to leave. Acorn is not very happy with the trip until he begins to gain faith in Hazel and the other rabbits. Although Acorn is not very large or strong, he does his best to help the warren in any way he can.


Along with Buckthorn and Acorn, the third rabbit Blackberry brings with him. Speedwell, like Acorn, gains faith in the group as events unfold. He mates with Clover to give the warren its first litter.


The folk hero of rabbits. El-ahrairah is the ultimate trickster, the prince of the rabbits who tries to trick even Lord Frith himself, the sun god and creator. El-ahrairah's adventures, often with the aid of his friend Rabscuttle, are a part of rabbit lore, and Dandelion tells many of his stories.


El-ahrairah's faithful friend. Rabscuttle gets in and out of trouble with the prince of rabbits and often plays a key role in his adventures.