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Civil Disobedience

Henry David Thoreau
Further Study

Review Quiz

Further Study Review Quiz

1. What was Thoreau's view on slavery?

2. What was Thoreau's primary act of civil disobedience in his own life?

3. Which of the following government activities did Thoreau NOT object to?

4. What was Thoreau's opinion on the "right" to rebel against one's government?

5. Where did Thoreau write Civil Disobedience?

6. Why does Thoreau say the majority rules in democracies?

7. What are a person's duties regarding injustice, according to Thoreau?

8. In Thoreau's opinion, what is the appropriate way to respond to unjust laws?

9. Which of the following measures does Thoreau NOT suggest to minimize the personal costs of civil disobedience?

10. What does Thoreau call on Abolitionists to do?

11. Which does Thoreau say is more important: the need to be an honest individual or the need to be a responsible citizen?

12. What does Thoreau use as a metaphor for government?

13. Which politician does Thoreau criticize in his essay?

14. What does Thoreau say he learned from his night in jail?

15. What does Thoreau mean when he says he refuses to sit on another man's shoulders?

16. Why is Thoreau impatient with politicians?

17. For what other work is Thoreau famous?

18. When did Thoreau publish Civil Disobedience?

19. Which philosopher does Thoreau quote in his essay?

20. Which philosophy is Thoreau most closely associated with?

21. What kind of a state does Thoreau imagine at the end of his essay?

22. How does Thoreau describe his attitude toward his government in Civil Disobedience?

23. Why does Thoreau say it costs him less to disobey the law than to obey it?

24. Which of the following leaders did Thoreau's essay have the greatest impact on?

25. Why doesn't Thoreau value voting?