1. According to Augustine, God is in all things:

2. Before the soul enters the body at birth, where is it?

3. Augustine gives his boyhood teachers credit for:

4. The motive for Augustine's theft of the pears was:

5. Patrick sends Augustine to Carthage for further studies so that he can:

6. God speaks to the young Augustine:

7. Cicero's Hortensius argues that:

8. On first reading the Bible, Augustine is turned off by its:

9. Manicheans believed that evil:

10. Spiritual substance:

11. Manicheans found the Old Testament unethical in part because:

12. According to Augustine, God's law:

13. Augustine's son is named:

14. For Augustine, astrology is:

15. Augustine leaves Thagaste a second time because:

16. The Confessions take the form of:

17. Augustine retracts what opinion from his early work On the Beautiful and the Fitting?

18. Augustine responds to his meeting with Faustus by:

19. Ambrose advises Augustine:

20. While first learning about Catholicism in earnest, Augustine is attracted by its:

21. Augustine agrees to get engaged because:

22. Augustine takes the child's voice he hears in the Milan garden to mean:

23. Augustine and Monica begin their joint vision by reflecting on:

24. Augustine's idea of memory is inspired by:

25. God's creation of the universe takes place:

26. According to Augustine, Christ is also:

27. Augustine suggests that time is which kind of quality of the soul?

28. The four kinds of memory are:

29. According to Augustine, time is always tending toward: