My weight is my love. By it I am carried wherever I am carried. By your gift, we are enkindled and are carried upward.

The three things I speak of are: to be, to know, and to will. For I am, and I know, and I will. I am a knowing and willing being; I know that I am and that I will; and I will to be and to know.

For I know that a thing that is understood in only one way in the mind may be expressed in many different ways by the body; and I know that a thing that has only one manner of expression through the body may be understood in the mind in many different ways.

I have counted seven times where it is written that you saw what you had made was good. And there is the eighth time when you saw all things that you had made and, behold, they were not only good but also very good; for they were now seen as a totality.