The Royal Shakespeare Company: Hamlet

The RSC has been producing Shakespeare’s plays since 1875. Their website hosts a wealth of resources, ranging from images and video of past productions to interviews with the actors and directors who have tackled Hamlet.

Tudor Times: Elizabeth I

The Tudor Times hosts articles and resources about the period of English history in which Shakespeare was writing, organised by ‘People,’ ‘Places’ and other themes. This page is the hub for resources about Elizabeth I, who was on the English throne as Shakespeare began Hamlet.

Chop Bard Shakespeare: Hamlet

Over eighteen episodes of more than an hour each, this podcast provides a detailed scene-by-scene analysis of Hamlet, and a line-by-line translation into contemporary English.

The British Library: Hamlet and Revenge

This extensive article discusses the theme of revenge in Hamlet, with quotations and images from the hundreds of sources in the British Library’s collection. The article also links to many other BL resources relating to Shakespeare and Hamlet.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Hamlet interview

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch played Hamlet at the National Theatre in London in 2015. Here he talks with respected arts journalist Melvyn Bragg about the challenges of the role, offering a range of insights about the play from a performer’s perspective.

The Folger Shakespeare Library: Hamlet

The Folger Library’s website provides access to a vast range of material about Shakespeare’s life and works. The Hamlet collection includes a gallery of images from the play’s production history.