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The Oedipus Plays


Section 2: Antigone, lines 417-700

Quotes Section 2: Antigone, lines 417-700
Your moralizing repels me, every word you say—pray god it always will. So naturally all I say repels you too. Enough. Give me glory! What greater glory could I win than to give my own brother decent burial?
You—in my own house, you viper, slinking undetected, such my life-blood! I never knew I was breeding twin disasters, the two of you rising up against my throne. Come, tell me, will you confess your part in the crime or not?
He was a wise old man who coined the famous saying: “Sooner or later foul is fair, fair is foul to the man the gods will ruin”—He goes his way for a moment only free of blinding ruin.