Why does Obinze flirt with Ifemelu instead of Ginika?

Obinze first becomes interested in Ifemelu when he sees her carrying a book by James Hadley Chase in school and is delighted that she reads. However, his interest is cemented when everyone warns him that Ifemelu is outspoken and honest to a fault, unlike sweet Ginika. Obinze prefers authenticity over kindness, meaning that Ifemelu is far more his type than Ginika, who is quick to smooth over awkward situations and conflict.

Why does Ifemelu immigrate to America?

Ifemelu immigrates to America almost on a whim for a variety of factors. At first, she is frustrated by the continued university strikes that keep her from completing her education, and Aunty Uju suggests she join her in America. With Obinze encouraging her to go, and also feeling tempted by the beautiful images of America she sees in shows and films, Ifemelu decides that going to America might be the key to a beautiful life.

Why does Ifemelu stop replying to Obinze’s messages?

After her sexual exploitation by the tennis instructor, Ifemelu is depressed and ashamed, and also afraid of what Obinze would think if he knew. As she later describes it to Obinze when they reunite back in Nigeria, she feels like she “betrayed” both herself and Obinze, compromising her morals and cheating on her boyfriend. In addition, she is afraid of how Obinze might react, concerned that he might judge her in the same way she judges herself. By the time Ifemelu has gotten her life together, she doesn’t know how to fix her mistake.

Why does Obinze maintain a friendship with Nigel?

Obinze maintains a friendship with Nigel because he’s the only person in England who treats him like a human being. Obinze’s other coworkers make racist jokes or refuse to share their tips. His childhood friend, Emenike, lords his success in Britain over Obinze’s current dire straits. In contrast, Nigel is friendly toward Obinze, is willing to share tips, and talks to him as an equal or even mentor. His earnest and genuine kindness means that when Obinze needs a white general manager to give his company more legitimacy, Nigel is the first person he calls.

Why does Ifemelu start another blog in Nigeria?

Ifemelu starts up her new blog because it gives her the opportunity to write the unfiltered stories she wants to write, instead of writing the inoffensive stories Aunty Onenu wants for Zoe. Throughout the novel, Ifemelu’s blogging has given her an opportunity to turn her outspoken nature into a benefit instead of a liability. By starting a blog in Nigeria, Ifemelu hopes to find the same success, except this time in the country where she feels the most like herself.