Summary: Chapter 48

The Nigerpolitan Club members complain about the things they miss from abroad. Ifemelu recognizes that even she has self-righteousness in her voice and hates it. Fred, a Harvard graduate, invites her to get a drink. She declines, but tells him to call her.

Summary: Chapter 49

Ifemelu hates working for Zoe. During an editorial meeting, Aunty Onenu criticizes Ifemelu’s interview for being judgmental. Ifemelu argues that this is no way to beat Glass . Doris argues their content is just like Glass ’s. Aunty Onenu leaves the editorial meeting to go shopping, and Ifemelu uses a call from Ranyinudo as an excuse to take a break.

Ranyinudo’s lover is withholding a jeep he bought for her because she’s not acting like the “sweet girl” she used to be. Ifemelu thinks how the phrase “sweet girl” means that Ranyinudo let him dictate who she was.

Doris asks the secretary, Esther, how she’s feeling. Ifemelu is ashamed she didn’t notice Esther was sick. Ifemelu asks Esther what medicine she’s taking. Esther brings her an unlabeled bottle. Ifemelu, shocked a doctor would give out unlabeled medication, suggests they run a health column. Doris counters that they are not activists. Ifemelu begins to envision a blog about Lagos.

Ifemelu complains about the articles Zoe runs. Doris explains that the women featured pay Aunty Onenu and that is the way things work in Nigeria. Ifemelu says that she can never tell what Doris’s true opinions are. Doris calls Ifemelu judgmental and asks why she wants to make Aunty Onenu’s magazine about her. Ifemelu warns Doris that following Aunty Onenu will not lead to success. On the way out of the office, Esther tells Ifemelu that she has a husband-repelling spirit.

Summary: Chapter 50

Dike visits Ifemelu in Lagos. He has never seen so many black people in the same place before.