Summary: Chapter 6

Aunty Uju hurries home from her job every day to wait for The General, spending money on lightening creams for her complexion. Throughout the chapter she spends money on expensive and arduous beauty regimes for The General’s benefit, including shaving her pubic area because he finds the hair “disturbing.”

Meanwhile, the landlord demands two years of rent from Ifemelu’s family. Ifemelu knows that her father would never ask Aunty Uju for financial help, and so she decides to do so herself. However, she learns that Aunty Uju must ask the General for the money. Uju does not receive a salary from the medical position The General invented for her. He prefers for her to ask him for the things she needs. Ifemelu worries for Aunty Uju.

Aunty Uju acknowledges that she was lucky to find The General and declares that Nigeria’s economy relies on kissing up to the right people. The General gifts her the money for the rent.

Ifemelu does not like The General at all when she meets him. He has coarse manners and claims Aunty Uju is different from other women because she wanted books from his trip to London. Aunty Uju becomes pregnant and insists upon having the child. The General is excited, proud of what the child indicates about his fertility, and pays to have Aunty Uju deliver the baby in America. She has a son, whom she names Dike.

The General dies in a plane crash that may have been engineered by the head of state. The General’s wife immediately moves to attack Aunty Uju. Friends help Aunty Uju sneak out under cover of night, and she and Dike flee to America.

Summary: Chapter 7

Ifemelu and Obinze attend the same university in Nsukka. Because Obinze’s mother moved back to Nsukka, Obinze lives in his family home, and Ifemelu lives in student housing. The university is often closed for faculty strikes because the government refuses to pay lecturers’ salaries. One strike lasts long enough for students to have to go home.