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Why does Ifemelu have to go to Trenton to get her hair braided?

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Who does Kayode originally want to set Obinze up with?

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What does Obinze say made him notice Ifemelu?

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Why must Aunty Uju wait to give Ifemelu’s family money?

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What does Obinze’s mother tell Ifemelu after she catches them fooling around?

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Why does Ifemelu need to use someone else’s ID card to get a job?

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Which author does Ifemelu read at the library?

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What must Ifemelu do before her job interview?

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Who encourages Ifemelu to wear her hair natural?

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Why is Dike upset about the camp counselor not giving him sunscreen?

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What does Aunty Uju blame for Dike’s essay?

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What does Nigel assume about Obinze?

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What does Obinze ask the detention officers for?

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According to Curt, which magazine has racial bias?

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In regard to her blog posts, what does Blaine accuse Ifemelu of?

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What is Shan upset about when Ifemelu first meets her?

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What draws Blaine and Ifemelu back together?

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What does Aisha ask Ifemelu as she finishes braiding her hair?

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What delays Ifemelu’s return to Nigeria?

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What is Aunty Onenu’s goal for Zoe ?

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What is the Nigerpolitan Club?

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Where do Ifemelu and Obinze reunite?

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When Obinze decides not to bring Ifemelu to Abuja, what does she accuse him of?

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Why does Kosi tell Obinze he should stay?

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What does Obinze tell Ifemelu after he reads her his letter?