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Which character is a reckless driver?

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What is the title of the nursery rhyme that hangs in everyone’s room?

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Why does Vera come to the island?

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How does the killer accuse the guests of committing murders?

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By which false name does Blore identify himself early in the novel?

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Where did Lombard leave twenty-one men to die?

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In what style is the house built?

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How does General Macarthur die?

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What objects disappear, one by one, as each murder is committed?

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“U. N. Owen” is associated with what, according to the judge?

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When is Mr. Rogers killed?

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What was the name of the man Vera loved?

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How did Dr. Armstrong happen to kill a patient while operating on her?

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Which guest carries a revolver?

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Which guest is prone to hysterics?

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When Armstrong, Blore, and Lombard join forces to identify the murderer, which character do they not suspect?

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From what does Emily Brent die?

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Which guest pretends to be killed?

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Why don’t boats come from the mainland to rescue the guests?

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How is Blore killed?

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Which of the following is used to kill Lombard?

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Which of the guests die by the seashore?

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How does Vera die?

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Who is the last of the ten to die?

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How do the police determine the culprit’s identity?