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Why does Anne break a slate over Gilbert’s head?

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What is the name of Diana’s home?

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Why does Anne give up her scholarship?

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Whose life does Anne save?

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On the day of Anne’s arrival, why is Marilla hesitant to keep Anne?

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What is Anne’s favorite fashion trend?

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What catastrophe occurs when the Allans come to tea?

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Which fellow classmate do Anne and Diana dislike?

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Why is Marilla dismayed by Anne’s apology to Mrs. Rachel?

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The day of the picnic, Anne is forced to make a false confession about which of the following?

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Why does Anne become terrified to make night journeys to Diana’s house?

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In which of the following situations does Gilbert find Anne?

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How does Anne break her ankle?

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Why does Aunt Josephine threaten to take away Diana’s music lessons?

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Why does Mrs. Barry refuse to let Diana play with Anne?

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Why does Marilla cut Anne’s hair?

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Why does Anne stay after school with Miss Stacy every day?

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What does Mrs. Rachel think about women teachers?

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Why does Matthew balk when he goes to buy Anne’s new dress?

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What is Matthew and Marilla’s relationship?

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Where will Anne begin teaching?

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What is the name of the woman who takes custody of Anne so that Anne will help with her three sets of twins?

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What helps Anne recover from her stage fright at the White Sands Hotel?

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While studying at Queen’s Academy, where does Anne live?

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What shock causes Matthew’s heart attack?