Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts.

Anne’s Red Hair

Anne’s red hair symbolizes her attitude toward herself, which changes as the novel progresses. Initially, Anne hates her red hair. She thinks it a blight on her life and complains about it at every opportunity. Her loathing for her hair reveals her dislike of herself. No one has ever loved Anne properly, and she does not approve of her own mistakes and bad behavior. Later, Anne’s acceptance and fondness for her red hair symbolizes her acceptance of herself.

The Light from Diana’s Window

Anne looks to the light from Diana’s window as a symbol of their eternal friendship. It is a familiar sight that gives Anne comfort at the end of the novel when she decides to stay in Avonlea and care for Marilla. Seeing the symbol of her loving friendship with Diana makes Anne feel better about sacrificing her ambition in order to do what she feels is the right thing.