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Who is Martin Bober's wife?

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Who is Martin Bober's daughter?

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What ethnicity is Frank Alpine?

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Who asks Helen to marry him?

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With whom did Helen loose her virginity

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What type of store does Louis Karp run?

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Where did Martin Bober immigrate to America from?

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Who is always Martin Bober's first customer of the day?

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What does Ward Minogue's father do for a living?

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What legendary figure is Frank Alpine obsessed with?

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What does Helen Bober do for a living?

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What present does Frank Alpine give Helen Bober?

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Where do Frank Alpine and Helen Bober frequently meet?

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What does Frank Alpine use the dumbwaiter for?

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Who is the most profitable merchant on the street and what does he sell?

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Who initially tries to rape Helen?

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Where did Frank Alpine grow up?

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Who burns down Julius Karp's store?

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What type of food does Frank start making in his store?

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What profession did Morris want to pursue before buying his store?

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Who is the light bulb salesman?

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What does Morris die of?

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How does Frank find money for the store when times are tough?

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What does Nat Pearl do for a living?

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What gift does Frank decide to give Helen at the end of the novel?