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How does Taylor spend the money she earns working at the hospital?

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How does Taylor acquire Turtle?

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What bird symbolizes Turtle?

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How do people eat in heaven, according to Estevan?

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Why does Mattie take her friends into the desert one evening in July?

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What signals Lou Ann’s growing sense of independence and confidence?

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Why was Turtle vulnerable to the prowler in the park?

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What do Taylor and Estevan toss into the Lake o’ the Cherokees when they make their wishes?

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What does Mattie have in her garden besides vegetables and flowers?

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Of whom does Mattie remind Taylor?

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How does Turtle get her name?

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What happens that causes Turtle to mutter her first sound?

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How does Sandi from Burger Derby afford baby-sitting for her child?

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What are Alice Greer’s “head rights”?

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What does Taylor identify as a reason she would have to give up Turtle?

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Who could be seen as Turtle’s tragic counterpart?

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What’s in the bottle that Granny Logan takes to Lou Ann?

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What does Taylor avoid all through her years in Kentucky?

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Where does Lou Ann end up working?

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Of the following, who to the reader’s knowledge still goes by his or her original name?

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What allows Turtle’s successful adoption?

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Who is the patron saint of refugees?

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What does Taylor’s mother require of her before she leaves Kentucky?

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To what does Mattie compare her house?

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Who, at the end of the novel, is Turtle’s “main ingredient” in her vegetable-soup song?