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When Elaine sees the poster advertising her retrospective, what has someone done to the poster?

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While her family lives on the road during her early life, what does Elaine like to draw?

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At Elaine’s first elementary school, how are the doors that the students line up outside labeled?

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What underwear do the students say Miss. Lumley wears?

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What does Elaine say when Andrea asks why she paints women?

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What happened at Elaine’s ninth birthday party?

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At Thanksgiving dinner, what categories does Elaine divide the people she knows into?

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How does Elaine imagine her cat’s eye marble allows her to see the world?

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What is the title of the triptych Elaine makes of her mother?

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Why does Elaine think she gets more Valentine’s cards from boys than Carol does?

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What does Mrs. Smeath say about the way the other girls treat Elaine?

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Who does Elaine believe saves her from the ravine?

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Who do Cordelia and Elaine make fun of when they walk through the cemetery?

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What does Elaine say is integral to communicating with boys?

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What does Elaine become known for in high school?

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What is Stephen chasing when he trespasses onto a military testing site?

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What do the men call women painters whom they consider bad at painting?

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Who does Elaine mistake the woman who throws ink at her painting for?

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Why does Cordelia’s family send her to a rest home?

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When would Jon prefer Elaine paint?

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How does Elaine imagine Stephen behaving just before his death?

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What does Elaine find in the red plastic purse while helping her mother clean out the cellar?

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Who does Elaine’s painting Muses depict?

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Who does Elaine want to see most at the exhibition?

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What does Elaine tell the child Cordelia that she sees in the ravine?