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How is Lovelace first introduced to the Harlowe family?

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When did the tension between James and Lovelace begin?

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Why is Arabella jealous of Clarissa?

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What reason does Clarissa give for refusing to marry Solmes?

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In the first part of the book, what does Clarissa think of Lovelace?

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What is Lovelace’s ideal outcome of his relationship with Clarissa?

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What is most important to Clarissa after she leaves her parents’ house?

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Why does Clarissa refuse to marry Lovelace after he rapes her?

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What does Clarissa die of?

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Whom does Clarissa pick to execute her will?  

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Which of the following is a real person?

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What flower does Clarissa pick to decorate her coffin?

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Where does Lovelace die?

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What does Lovelace die of?

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Which of the following does Lovelace not seduce or rape?

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What part of Mr. Harlowe’s curse most frightens Clarissa?

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What does Uncle Antony mean when he calls himself “none of your Lovelaces”?

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How does Lovelace make Clarissa happy during her imprisonment?

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What promise to Lovelace does Clarissa break?

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Which is the shortest letter in the novel?

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What role does Mrs. Sinclair play in Clarissa’s rape?

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Why does Anna mock Hickman?

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Who ends up inheriting Lord M.’s estate?

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Which of these women from Lovelace’s past eventually dies during childbirth?

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Clarissa is often compared to which of the following?