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The Crucible

Arthur Miller

Key Questions and Answers

Summary Key Questions and Answers

2) Did the girls really see the Devil or witches?

No. The girls were caught dancing in the woods with Tituba, who was apparently performing love charms for them. It’s not clear whether Tituba was actually practicing some kind of magic that she believed in and learned in Barbados, or if she made up the “charms” to keep the girls happy. Abigail definitely wanted to believe Tituba could come up with a spell to kill Elizabeth, but Tituba most likely didn’t believe in her own spells. Nevertheless, none of them actually saw the Devil. Tituba falsely confessed to save herself from being beaten to death, and the girls went along with her confession, making up new lies. Abigail went along with the girls as a way out of the trouble she was in with her uncle. Later, she and others in the town realized that an accusation of witchcraft was an effective way to punish people they were angry with.