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The Crucible

Arthur Miller

Key Questions and Answers

Summary Key Questions and Answers

4) Was John still in love with Abigail?

John’s feelings for Abigail are not entirely clear to us at the beginning of the play. He spends time with her in the first act, and is kind to her, although he also makes it clear that he is not going to resume their affair. Arthur Miller wrote a second scene for the second act of the play which he later cut and isn’t performed now when the play is staged. In that scene, Abigail and John confront each other again, and John tells her he will ruin her to save his wife. In the third act, John does indeed tell the court about his affair with Abigail to try to save Elizabeth. This confession seems to indicate if John ever loved Abigail, he loves Elizabeth much more. John has already realized he should not have cheated on his wife with Abigail, but he doesn’t believe Elizabeth at first when she tells him Abigail wants her dead. By the end of the play, he believes Elizabeth, and hates Abigail.