The Crucible

Arthur Miller
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Key Questions and Answers

Summary Key Questions and Answers

14) Why does Reverend Hale change his mind about the witch trials?

Reverend Hale loses faith in the witch trials in the face of Deputy Governor Danforth’s zealousness and the doubts John Proctor brings to the girls’ claims of witchcraft. When Danforth dismisses John’s evidence, Hale says, “I dare not take a life without there be a proof so immaculate no slightest qualm of conscience may doubt it.” Hale is also doubtful about Rebecca Nurse’s and John’s guilt. Hale presses Danforth to pardon them when they refuse to confess to witchcraft, but Danforth will not relent. Hale sees that the court has become feared in Salem for its brutality and lack of justice.