Figures of every adjunct to the heavens, And characters of signs and erring stars, By which the spirits are enforced to rise: Then fear not, Faustus, to be resolute And try the utmost magic can perform.
Go bear these tidings to great Lucifer: Seeing Faustus hath incurred eternal death By desperate thoughts against Jove’s deity, Say he surrenders up to him his soul So he will spare him four and twenty years[.]
Wealth! Why, the signory of Emden shall be mine! When Mephostophilis shall stand by me What power can hurt me? Faustus, thou art safe. Cast no more doubts! Mephostophilis, come, And bring glad tidings from great Lucifer.
I, John Faustus of Wittenberg, Doctor, by these presents, do give both body and soul to Lucifer, prince of the east, and his minister Mephostophilis, and furthermore grant unto them that, four and twenty years being expired, and these articles above written being inviolate, full power to fetch or carry the said John Faustus, body and soul, flesh, blood, or goods, into their habitation wheresoever.
Here, take this book and peruse it well. The iterating of these lines brings gold; The framing of this circle on the ground Brings thunder, whirlwinds, storm, and lightning; Pronounce this thrice devoutly to thyself, And men in harness shall appear to thee, Ready to execute what thou command’st.