Learnèd Faustus, To find the secrets of astronomy . . . He views the clouds, the planets, and the stars . . . He now is gone to prove cosmography, That measures coasts and kingdoms of the earth, And as I guess will first arrive at Rome To see the Pope and manner of his court And take some part of holy Peter’s feast, To which this day is highly solemnized.
Faustus. Now, by the kingdom of infernal rule, Of Styx, of Archeron, and the fiery lake Of ever-burning Phlegethon, I swear That I do long to see the monuments And situation of bright-splendent Rome. Come therefore, let’s away. Mephostophilis. Nay stay my Faustus. I know you’d see the Pope And take some part of holy Peter’s feast[.]
By cunning in thine art to cross the Pope Or dash the pride of this solemnity— To make his monks and abbots stand like apes And point like antics at his triple crown, To beat the beads about the friars’ pates, Or clap huge horns upon the cardinals’ heads, Or any villainy thou canst devise— And I’ll perform it, Faustus. Hark, they come!
The Pope will curse them for their sloth today That slept both Bruno and his crown away. But now, that Faustus may delight his mind And by their folly make some merriment, Sweet Mephostophilis, so charm me here That I may walk invisible to all And do whate’er I please unseen of any.
Faustus. How now! Must every bit be spicèd with a cross? Nay then, take that! Pope. O, I am slain! Help me my lords! O come and help to bear my body hence. Damned be this soul forever for this deed.