The learnèd Faustus, fame of Wittenberg The wonder of the world for magic art: And he intends to show great Carolus The race of all his stout progenitors And bring in presence of his Majesty The royal shapes and warlike semblances Of Alexander and his beauteous paramour.
These gracious words, most royal Carolus, Shall make poor Faustus to his utmost power Both love and serve the German Emperor And lay his life at holy Bruno’s feet. For proof whereof, if so your Grace be pleased, The doctor stands prepared by power of art To cast his magic charms that shall pierce through The ebon gates of ever-burning hell, And hale the stubborn furies from their caves To compass whatsoe’er your Grace commands.
O wondrous sight! See, Duke of Saxony, Two spreading horns most strangely fastened Upon the head of young Benvolio.
Speak well of ye! ’Sblood, and scholars be such cuckold-makers to clap horns of honest men’s heads o’ this order, I’ll ne’er trust smooth faces and small ruffs more. But an I be not revenged for this, would I might be turned to a gaping oyster and drink nothing but salt water.