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What is the name of the first kid Ender gets into a fight with?

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Why does Ender not belong at home?

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How old is Ender when he goes to Battle School?

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Who isolates Ender on the shuttle ride to Battle School?

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What does Ender find funny on the space ship?

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Who looks out for the Launchies at the Battle School?

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Who is Ender's enemy from his launch group?

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Which is the first army that Ender joins

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Who is Ender's first toon leader?

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Who uses Locke as a pseudonym?

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When does Peter's image haunt Ender?

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Who does Ender confide in while commander of Dragon Army?

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Where does Ender fight Bonzo?

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Who convinces Ender to go to Command School?

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How did Mazer Rackham defeat the buggers in the Second Invasion?

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Who takes over the earth after the Third Invasion?

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Who goes with Ender to colonize the bugger worlds?

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Who comes up with the Locke Proposal?

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What does Ender do after the final battle of the Third Invasion?

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Who understands Ender better than anyone?

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Who is the Speaker for the Dead?

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Why does Ender leave earth?

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How old is Ender when he is made commander of Dragon Army

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What is Ender's goal at the end of the book?