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How does Grampa die?

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Why is Noah slightly deformed?

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What is a “big cat”?

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During what decade did the Dust Bowl tragedy take place?

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How many years was Tom in prison?

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What does Uncle John give to children?

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According to Chapter 19, who were the first Americans to settle in California?

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Who is given the task of burying Rose of Sharon’s stillborn child?

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What are Al’s main interests?

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Where do the Joads leave Granma’s corpse?

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Which Joad child believes him- or herself to be the least loved by Ma and Pa?

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What was Jim Casy’s former occupation?

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How does Jim Casy die?

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What do the citizens of California angrily call the migrants?

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At the end of the novel, who is the leader of the Joad family?

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Whom does Agnes Wainwright decide to marry?

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Who in the novel first proposes the idea of organizing the workers?

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Why does Pa’s dam fail?

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Why does Ruthie reveal Tom’s secret?

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Who tells Tom his parents’ whereabouts when he arrives at their deserted farm?

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In what year did The Grapes of Wrath win a Pulitzer Prize?

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Why does Ma fear that Winfield will grow up to be wild and uncontrollable?

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Why do the other children ostracize Ruthie when she first arrives at the government camp?

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At the cotton farm, where do the Joads live?

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At the end of the novel, Ma explains to Pa that some people live “in jerks,” while others live in “all one flow.” This is her way of describing an essential difference between which two groups?