Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad
Further Study

Full Book Quiz

Further Study Full Book Quiz

1. Heart of Darkness opens in what setting?

2. Where does Kurtz die?

3. What does Marlow discover atop the fence posts at the Inner Station?

4. The Company trades primarily in

5. Which of the following receives Kurtz’s “Report” after his death?

6. Most of Marlow’s adventures take place in

7. Which of the following is not something that Marlow gives to the Russian trader?

8. What do the men at the Central Station hear about the fate of the Eldorado Exploring Expedition?

9. At the end of his “Report” on the natives, Kurtz writes:

10. What one thing does Marlow need to repair his wrecked steamer?

11. Which of the following does not accompany Marlow on his journey up the river from the Central Station?

12. How does Marlow’s helmsman die?

13. The Company is

14. At the Company’s offices Marlow encounters

15. Why are the cannibals aboard the steamer hungry?

16. Who is ultimately responsible for the attack on the steamer?

17. Marlow’s predecessor with the Company dies as a result of a quarrel over

18. The last person Marlow sees in Brussels is

19. Who helps Marlow to get a job with the Company?

20. What does the Russian trader leave downriver for the approaching steamer?

21. Before he goes to Africa, Marlow has been on a voyage through

22. Where does Marlow encounter the “grove of death”?

23. The chief accountant’s most notable characteristic is

24. At the Central Station the native laborers burn

25. What are Kurtz’s last words?