The Warden is the cruel, authoritarian leader of Camp Green Lake, as well as the owner of the land upon which the camp is situated. While Mr. Sir is characterized by his militaristic approach and Mr. Pendanski by his casual meanness, The Warden consistently maintains an icy, polite demeanor. However, her outer calm belies her vicious and greedy disposition. The Warden keeps the staff and campers in line by rewarding them handsomely for any discoveries and punishing them severely for misbehavior. She paints her nails with a polish made with rattlesnake venom, which she can wield as an unexpected weapon. In fact, she scratches Mr. Sir after he brings Stanley to her office for an unnecessary reprimand, causing him a particularly painful facial wound.

The Warden is the granddaughter of Trout Walker, and her family has been searching for Kissin’ Kate’s treasure for generations. As a child, she was made to dig for the treasure constantly, and she remains obsessed with finding it even in adulthood. The Warden created Camp Green Lake as a scheme to attain unpaid labor under the guise of reforming juvenile delinquents. The campers unknowingly do her dirty work as she enjoys the few spots of shade in the area. The Warden has even set up a robust surveillance system of microphones and cameras so that she knows every detail of what the campers do and say, assuring that any discoveries of note cannot be hidden from her. However, despite her attention to detail, The Warden is completely apathetic to the fate of the boys under her jurisdiction. When she believes Zero to be dead, she orders Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski to erase Zero’s record to avoid any state investigation or legal consequences due to his disappearance. She knows that many of the boys at the camp come from tragic and harsh circumstances, and that a lot of them don’t have families looking out for them. She takes advantage of these vulnerable children in order to accomplish her own personal objectives.