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Who sends the plague to the Achaean camp near the beginning of The Iliad?

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When does Achilles die?

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Which of the following characters do not engage in one-on-one combat with each other in the poem?

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When is The Iliad thought to have been composed?

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Who helps rescue Machaon after Paris wounds him?

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Who kills Dolon?

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With what weapon does Ajax knock Hector unconscious?

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At what point in the story do the Achaeans hold their athletic competition?

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Which of the following characters is Helen’s brother-in-law?

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How long has the Trojan War been going by the time The Iliad begins?

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How many Trojan warriors does Achilles sacrifice on Patroclus’s pyre?

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Who suggests that Helen be returned to Menelaus?

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Who reminds Achilles that the Achaean soldiers cannot fight on empty stomachs?

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Which god helps to bring about the death of Patroclus?

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Why is Astyanax frightened when he sees his father, Hector?

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Which of the following do not appear on Achilles’ new shield?

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With which immortal does Achilles engage in one-on-one combat?

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Why does Zeus initially agree to help the Trojans in the war?

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What provokes Achilles’ rage against Agamemnon?

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Who raised Patroclus?

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Who sets fire to a Greek ship?

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What magical charm does Hera use in seducing Zeus and making him fall asleep?

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What do Helen and Paris do during one particularly stormy battle?

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Where is Achilles’ old armor most vulnerable to attack?

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What grave tactical error does Hector make out of overconfidence?