Not to be scoffed at / are the radiant gifts of the gods; they offer them freely / to whomever they wish, and a man wouldn’t willingly choose them.

Whoever can prove that he is the better man / will be given the wealth and will carry the woman home, / and the rest of us will swear solemn oaths of friendship.

With these words, Athena led him into great folly.

Menelaus, the blessed gods did not forget you. / Athena stepped out before you and with her hand / deflected the deadly arrow, brushing it off / as a mother brushes a fly from her sleeping child.

The gods don’t give us mortals all things at one time. / Then I was young; now age has taken me over. / But even so, I will be with the charioteers / and urge them on and give them my best advice. / That is the job of the old; the trusting of spears / I leave to the men you are younger and stronger than I am.