I will not stop killing Trojans until . . . / I meet Hector and fight him / man to man, and he kills me or I kill him.

Among the rest of the gods a fierce conflict broke out, / since their sympathies drove them apart in different directions.

Hector, my dear child, please do not face [Achilles] / alone, with no one to help you, or you will surely / meet your death, since he is so strong and ruthless.

No solemn oaths are sworn between lions and men; / wolves and lambs don’t bargain to make a truce / but hate one another for all time. There can never / be friendship for you and me, nor will there be oaths / sworn between us till one or the other has fallen.

And yet, though I mourn for all [my sons], there is one / I lament even more: Hector. My sorrow for him / will drag me down to death’s house. If only he could have / died in my arms!