It is easy to know a god. / My heart has been struck by a jolt of courage, I feel / my body tingling all over, my arms and legs / surge with strength, and I long to go into battle.

Men reach their limit with everything, even with sleep / and lovemaking and sweet music and beautiful dance, / and most men try to fill their desire for such pleasures. Rather than war; but these Trojans just long for more fighting.

Now the hard heart of Achilles / must be filled with glee as he looks on this slaughter and rout. / May some god punish him for it.

Meanwhile, Hera looked down from the top of Olympus / and saw her brother . . . as he bustled / about and urged on the troops, and she was happy. / Then she saw Zeus . . . / and suddenly hatred surged through her heart, / and she pondered how she could trick him and help the Achaeans.