Enter the fighting, I beg you. Rescue the Argives, / who are crumbling before the Trojans’ savage attack. / If you do not, you will surely come to regret it / when disaster has struck, since then it will be too late to undo the terrible slaughter.

Achilles / has hardened his heart. He hasn’t listened. He won’t / be reasonable. He doesn’t honor the friendship / we honored him with, above others. He is relentless.

[Achilles] was arrogant even before this, / but now you have driven him deeper into his pride.

You and I, Lord Menelaus, need advice, / some shrewd plan to protect or save the Argives, / together with their ships. Zeus’ mind has changed. / His heart prefers Hector’s sacrifices / more than ours.

For now things stand upon a razor’s edge— / miserable destruction for Achaeans / or their salvation.