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What color is Brother Jack’s hair?

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From what company does the narrator steal electricity?

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What jazz recording does the narrator describe in the Prologue?

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In Chapter 1, what do the white men give the narrator after his speech?

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Of what sin is Jim Trueblood guilty?

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Why is the narrator expelled from college?

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What does the narrator learn about Homer Barbee at Barbee’s sermon?

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What is Ellison’s attitude toward Booker T. Washington’s philosophy of race relations?

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What sort of accent does Ras the Exhorter have?

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Which of the following characters sells racially offensive dolls?

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What is the best-selling color at Liberty Paints?

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Which member of the Brotherhood offers the narrator a place in the organization?

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Where does the narrator give his first speech for the Brotherhood?

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Which woman allows the narrator to stay at her house her for free?

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When the narrator smashes a racially offensive coin bank, where does he stash the pieces?

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What hinders the narrator and the other boys from collecting the money off of the rug after the “battle royal”?

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For whom do people mistake the narrator when he dons dark glasses?

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Who kills Tod Clifton?

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How many light bulbs does the narrator have burning in his underground room?

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Who incites the riot in Harlem?

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Where was Ralph Ellison born?

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Which character has only one eye?

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At the narrator’s college, what covers the statue of the Founder?

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How does Dr. Bledsoe betray the narrator?

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What food makes the narrator think of the South?