I will call her, long, long-distance. Cost doesn't matter, I will say. I have to tell you something, can't wait any longer. And then I will start to tell her, not what happened, but why it happened, how it could not by any other way.

Winnie tells herself this at the very end of the fourth chapter. These words seem to be a direct response to the first quote in this section. The first quote illustrated that Pearl felt distance between herself and her mother, and this quote illustrates that Winnie feels that distance as well. Winnie takes this feeling one step further and lays out a plan on how to solve the problem. The "long, long-distance," is emblematic of how far apart they are. Even when they are not physically very far away—either a table away, as in the engagement party, or a couple of cities away—they have a distance that, in the past, has been impenetrable. Now, Winnie plans to tell Pearl her story. Importantly, Winnie says that she will not only tell her "what happened" but "how it happened." This is important because it shows that Winnie is not only going to tell her daughter things but explain them, so that they may understand each other. In the past, Winnie has released facts which did not help bridge the distance; if the distance must be bridged the entire story must be told, not just the pieces.