When she saw [the piece of plaster] she laughed a soft little laugh and told me the squiggle marks were hers; that she'd made them the first weekend she and Jack were married; that they stayed in an Atlantic City hotel and hardly went out except to eat and that they'd made it together twenty-five times. After number five, she said, she knew they'd only just started and she kept the score on the wall next to the bed. And when they checked out, Jack got the tire iron from the car and hacked out the plaster with all the squiggles on it.

Alice says this after Jack has died. The police returned the piece of plaster, along with some of the other possessions of Jack's that they had confiscated. For the most part, Kiki takes up the sexual part of Jack's life. But this quotation shows that at one time, Alice and Jack's relationship was very sexual. This side of Alice is not immediately evident in most of the novel.