[T]wenty minutes and two old-fashioneds later we were all in the elevator descending to the Rain-Bo room, my own pot of gold tucked away in a breast pocket.

Marcus says this on his way to dinner with Jack, Alice, and Kiki. Jack has just paid his legal fee to Marcus: ten thousand dollars in five hundred dollar bills. Marcus keeps Jack on as a client mainly because his association with Jack excites him. Firing machine guns, smuggling stolen money, and seducing anonymous women are not the kinds of activities Marcus enjoys with any of his other clients. Marcus also likes his association with Jack because it provides him with plenty of money. When Fogarty cannot pay Marcus's legal fee, Marcus drops him immediately, which proves that rubbing shoulders with the notorious is not quite enough for Marcus. It does thrill Marcus to rub shoulders with Jack, however, whatever the allure of the money. When Marcus refers to Jack's payment as "his own pot of gold," it suggests that Marcus sees the payment he collects as evidence that he is one of Jack's collaborators. Marcus enjoys the idea that he is getting rich as a result of Jack's gangsterism.