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What is the name of the Professor with whom the children are staying at the beginning of the novel?

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Which of the Pevensie children is the first to discover the world of Narnia?

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Who or what is the first person or creature that Lucy meets in Narnia?

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What magical food does the White Witch give to Edmund at their first meeting?

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How do all the children end up in Narnia together?

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What marks the border between Narnia and the outside world?

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What magical power is the White Witch best known for?

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The Witch tells Edmund to return to Narnia on what condition?

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What creature first leads all of the children through the woods?

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What is Mrs. Beaver's first name?

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Where do the children agree to meet Aslan?

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Who is first to address Aslan?

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Who is Maugrim?

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Which of the following is a Christmas present that Father Christmas gave to Edmund?

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Which of the following is one of Lucy's gifts from Father Christmas?

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What happens when Aslan arrives in Narnia?

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What is Cair Paravel?

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What bargain does Aslan make with the White Witch?

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Who is the Emperor-Beyond-the-Sea?

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Where is Aslan killed?

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Which of the following is NOT a creature freed from stone by Aslan near the end of the novel?

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With what weapon is the Queen attacking Peter when Aslan's army arrives on the scene?

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What happens to the Witch at the end of the novel?

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What happens when the kings and queens return to England?