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The Count of Monte Cristo

Suggested Essay Topics

Writing help Suggested Essay Topics

1. In what sense is Abbé Faria Dantès’s second father? Do you think that by calling him a “second father” Dumas is referring to the poisonous knowledge that Faria gives Dantès in deducing the events behind his imprisonment?

2. How do Julie Morrel and Emmanuel Herbaut redeem humanity in Monte Cristo’s eyes?

3. Compare Valentine de Villefort and Eugénie Danglars. In what ways do these characters act as foils for one another?

4. Edmond Dantès assumes a number of aliases during the course of the novel, and many other characters have a variety of different names as well. What do you consider to be the significance of names in The Count of Monte Cristo? What do you think is the significance of each of Edmond Dantès’s assumed names?

5. Compare Madame Danglars and Mercédès. In what ways do these characters act as foils for each other?

6. What is the effect of Haydée’s love for Monte Cristo?