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What is Edmond Dantès’s profession at the beginning of the novel?

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Who is the first person Dantès visits when he reaches Marseilles?

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Which of the following statements is closest to the truth?

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What does Danglars write in his letter to the public prosecutor?

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Why does Villefort sentence Dantès to life in prison?

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How does Dantès figure out that he has been framed?

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Why does everyone believe that Abbé Faria is insane?

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Why does Dantès consider Faria his second father?

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How does Dantès escape from prison?

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Where is the Faria’s fortune hidden?

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Why does Dantès give Caderousse a valuable diamond?

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When Dantès saves Monsieur Morrel from ruin, how does he sign his letter?

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Who is the Abbé Busoni?

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How does Dantès win Albert de Morcerf’s trust?

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Why does Eugénie Danglars not want to marry Albert de Morcerf?

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Why does Valentine Villefort not want to marry Franz d’Epinay?

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What do Julie and Emmanuel prove to Dantès?

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Whose greed does Dantès exploit?

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Which of the following people does not play a part in the revenge scheme against Villefort?

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How does Haydée help bring about Fernand Mondego’s downfall?

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Why does Albert de Morcerf refuse to fight a duel with Dantès?

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Why do Albert and Mercédès abandon all of their wealth?

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Why does Maximilian long to kill himself?

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Why does Dantès allow Maximilian to believe that Valentine is dead?

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How does Dantès learn to feel normal human emotions again?