Due to differences in translation, the chapter titles and numeration may vary from those in the full text.

Chapter 1: The Arrival at Marseilles

After the captain of the Pharaon dies, the young first mate, Edmond Dantès, brings the ship safely to Marseilles. Accused by the ship's envious supercargo, Danglars, Dantès tells the ship's owner, Morrel, they stopped to deliver a package to Maréchal Bertrand, per his captain's dying request. He adds that despite his personal dislike for Danglars, he thinks he does his work well. Morrel promises to name Dantès the new captain of the ship.

Chapter 2: Father and Son

Dantès goes home and discovers his father has starved for months after paying a debt to their neighbor, the tailor Caderousse. Dantès tells his father about his promotion and gives him money. Caderousse visits and congratulates Dantès for his promotion. He meets Danglars, and they discuss their dislike for Dantès and how Dantès's fiancée, Mercédès, has been seen in the company of another man.

Chapter 3: The Catalans

Dantès visits Mercédès and finds her in the company of her cousin Fernand Mondego, who loves her and leaves in a rage after she embraces Dantès passionately. Fernand meets Danglars and Caderousse on the road and shares their anger toward Dantès. When Dantès and Mercédès tell the three men they plan to marry next day, Danglars has an evil idea.

Chapter 4: The Plotters

To have Dantès imprisoned, Danglars drafts a letter informing the public prosecutor that Dantès is delivering a letter from Napoleon to the Bonapartist Committee in Paris. Caderousse protests this defamation, Danglars tosses the letter, but Fernand retrieves and plans to mail it.

Chapter 5: The Betrothal Feast

Royal guards arrest Dantès at his betrothal feast with Mercédès, and Danglars becomes the captain of the Pharaon until Dantès's release.

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Chapter 6: The Deputy Procureur

During his betrothal party to the daughter of the Marquis of Saint-Méran, Villefort, the royalist deputy public prosecutor of Marseilles and son of a prominent Bonapartist, is called away to deal with a Bonapartist plot.

Chapter 7: The Examination

Despite Morrel's intercession and his own belief in Dantès's innocence, Villefort decides to send him away after Dantès mentions the Bonapartist letter was addressed to Villefort's father, Noirtier.

Chapter 8: The Château D'If

When Dantès is sent to the dungeon in the Château D'If prison, he hears about a prisoner who often promises the guards a fortune for his liberation.

Chapter 9: The Evening of the Betrothal

As Villefort leaves his fiancée's home to see King Louis XVIII in Paris, he encounters Mercédès seeking information about Dantès and feels regret.

Chapter 10: The Little Room in the Tuileries

Villefort rushes to Paris and tells the king there is a conspiracy to bring Napoleon back to power.

Chapter 11: The Corsican Ogre

Villefort's warning has come too late, as Napoleon is already marching on Paris, but he wins the king's gratitude.

Chapter 12: Father and Son

Villefort tells his father the police are looking for someone like him who has murdered a royalist general. Noirtier shaves his beard, changes his clothes, and leaves, telling Villefort Napoleon is advancing.

Chapter 13: The Hundred Days

After Napoleon is back in power, Morrel intercedes on Dantès's behalf to no avail, Danglars flees to Madrid afraid of Dantès's revenge, Fernand joins Napoleon's army, and Dantès's father dies. After one hundred days in power, Napoleon is deposed, and Louis XVIII reassumes the throne.

Chapter 14: In the Dungeons

Dantès begs the inspector-general of prisons for a fair trial, but when he sees Villefort's note saying Dantès took an active part in Napoleon's return, he decides he cannot help him.

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Chapter 15: Number 34 and Number 27

When Dantès, after six years in prison, decides to kill himself, he hears a scratching sound coming from the other side of his cell. He manages to make a hole in the wall and meet his neighbor.

Chapter 16: A Learned Italian

Dantès learns his neighbor is Abbé Faria, imprisoned for being an agitator for a unified Italy and who believed he was digging a tunnel to freedom.

Chapter 17: In the Abbé's Cell

After hearing Dantès's life story, Faria explains what Danglars, Fernand, and Villefort have done to Dantès, making him start thinking about revenge. Over two years, the abbé teaches Dantès everything he knows, and they plan their escape. Days before executing their plan, Faria becomes paralyzed and Dantès promises to stay with him until his death.

Chapter 18: The Treasure

Faria tells Dantès about a hidden treasure left to him on the uninhabited island of Monte Cristo by the last member of a family he worked for. He says the treasure also belongs to Dantès now, as his spiritual son, and shows him a piece of paper with the treasure's location.

Chapter 19: The Death of the Abbé

Faria makes Dantès memorize the directions to the treasure and, some days later, dies.

Chapter 20: The Cemetery of the Château D'If

Dantès cuts open Faria's shroud, removes his corpse to his cell, and sews himself inside the shroud. He plans to dig his way out of the tomb with a knife after the guards bury him in a nearby cemetery, but then discovers they have instead tied a cannonball around his legs and cast him into the sea. 

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Chapter 21: The Isle of Tiboulen

Dantès manages to escape from the shroud and swim to an island. After a storm, he floats toward a ship and convinces the sailors to take him on as one of their crew.

Chapter 22: The Smugglers

Dantès discovers the sailors are smugglers, makes himself useful and respected by them, and learns the captain has decided to go to Monte Cristo for an illegal transaction.

Chapter 23: The Isle of Monte Cristo

On the island, Dantès pretends to injure himself and convinces the men to leave him behind and return after a week.

Chapter 24: The Search

Once the men are gone, Dantès discovers the enormous treasure and prays to God in gratitude.

Chapter 25: At Marseilles Again

Dantès fills his pockets with precious stones, sells some diamonds, buys a ship and crew for his best friend, Jacopo, and requests he go to Marseilles and ask for news of Louis Dantès and Mercédès. He leaves the smugglers, buys a yacht with a secret compartment, sails back to Monte Cristo, and transfers the remainder of the treasure to the yacht. When Jacopo informs him that Louis Dantès is dead and Mercédès has disappeared, he sails for Marseilles. He buys his father’s house under the name Lord Wilmore.

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Chapter 26: The Inn of Pont Du Gard

Disguised as an Italian priest named Abbé Busoni, Dantès visits Caderousse, who now owns an inn but is poverty-stricken, and tells him Dantès has died and left a diamond to be divided between the people he loved: his father, Caderousse, Danglars, Fernand, and Mercédès.

Chapter 27: The Tale

Trying to have the whole diamond for himself, Caderousse reveals the events behind Dantès's incarceration and his regret for them, convincing Dantès to give him the diamond. Dantès learns that Danglars became a millionaire, Fernand returned wealthy from his tour of duty as a soldier, married Mercédès, and they now live in Paris. Caderousse also tells Dantès that before his father, Louis, starved himself to death out of grief for his son, Morrel gave him a red silk purse with gold. Caderousse has this purse and, when Dantès asks for it, explains that Morrel is on the verge of financial ruin.

Chapter 28: The Prison Registers

Disguised as an English representative of an investment firm, Dantès buys the inspector of prison's stakes on Morrel's firm. He asks to see the prison records for Abbé Faria, secretly finds his own prison documents, pockets the letter written by Danglars, and confirms that Villefort ordered him locked away for life.

Chapter 29: The House of Morrel and Son

Still disguised, Dantès visits Morrel, learns that his last ship, the Pharaon, has been lost and Morrel will be unable to honor his debts, and gives Morrel an extra three months to pay the debts Dantès has acquired. He also makes Morrel's daughter, Julie, promise to follow any instructions she receives from a man calling himself "Sinbad the Sailor."

Chapter 30: The Fifth of September

On the day Morrel's debt is due, Julie receives a letter from Sinbad the Sailor and finds the red silk purse Morrel had given Louis Dantès filled with his debt notes marked "paid" and a diamond for Julie to use as dowry and marry her beloved, a clerk named Emmanuel Herbaut. Just as Morrel is about to take his own life in front of his son, Maximilian, Julie bursts in with her find, a ship that looks like the Pharaon pulls into the port with the same cargo, and Dantès leaves on his yacht.

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Chapter 31: Italy: Sinbad the Sailor

Ten years later, a young Parisian named Baron Franz d'Epinay stops on Monte Cristo to hunt and is brought to a palace to meet the wealthy man known as Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad – actually, Dantès – stuns Franz with the luxury of his palace, tells him about his travels around the world, and indulges in hallucinogenic drugs with him.

Chapter 32: The Awakening

The next morning, after trying unsuccessfully to find the opening to Sinbad's hidden grotto, Franz travels to Rome to meet Viscount Albert de Morcerf, the son of Fernand Mondego, now known as the Count de Morcerf.

Chapter 33: Roman Bandits

To warn Franz and Albert of the danger of bandits, the hotel owner tells them the story of Vampa, a shepherd who loved learning and a beautiful shepherdess named Teresa. When the bandit leader Cucumetto stumbled upon Vampa and Teresa while fleeing the authorities, the couple hid him.

Chapter 34: Vampa

At a party, after Teresa lusted after the costume of their hostess, Vampa set the host's house on fire and seized the costume for Teresa. The next day, after giving directions to a lost traveler named Sinbad the Sailor, Vampa saw Teresa being kidnapped and killed the assailant, who turned out to be Cucumetto. He dressed himself in Cucumetto's clothes, approached the other bandits, and demanded to be their new leader.

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Chapter 35:  The Colosseum

While visiting the Colosseum in Rome, Franz overhears Monte Cristo (Dantès) promising the bandit chief Vampa to buy the freedom of an innocent shepherd named Peppino arrested as an accomplice to bandits. The next evening, Franz and Albert see Monte Cristo at the opera. The following morning, Monte Cristo offers to lend the two friends his coach, and Franz confirms he is his mysterious host.

Chapter 36: La Mazzolata

Monte Cristo invites Albert and Franz to watch a public execution from his private windows. They see Peppino granted a reprieve and Monte Cristo enjoying the execution of the other person condemned.

Chapter 37: The Carnival at Rome

Eager to have several love affairs while in Rome, Albert flirts with a beautiful woman.

Chapter 38: The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian

Using his mistress, Teresa, as bait, Vampa kidnaps Albert and sends a ransom note to Franz. Franz asks for Monte Cristo's help and goes with him to the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian, where Vampa frees Albert, who is now very grateful to Monte Cristo.

Chapter 39: The Rendezvous

Monte Cristo asks Albert to introduce him to Parisian society when he visits the city. Franz, wary, tells Albert about his experience on the island of Monte Cristo and his conversation with Vampa at the Colosseum, but only makes Albert even more enchanted with his savior.

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Chapter 40: The Guests

On the day Monte Cristo is supposed to arrive at Albert's house, Albert invites several friends for breakfast, including the secretary to the minister of the interior, Debray, and a journalist, Beauchamp.

Chapter 41: The Breakfast

At the breakfast, Monte Cristo seems taken with one of the guests, Maximilian Morrel, a captain in the French army who always tries to do something heroic on the anniversary of the day his father was saved from ruin. Monte Cristo enchants the guests with the story of how he once captured Vampa and freed him on the condition he and his bandits never harm Monte Cristo or his friends.

Chapter 42: The Presentation

After the guests leave, Albert shows Monte Cristo a portrait of his mother looking mournfully at the sea and introduces him to his parents. Fernand, now a senator, doesn't recognize Monte Cristo, but Mercédès does and warns Albert against him.

Chapter 43: Monsieur Bertuccio

Monte Cristo purchases a summerhouse from the Marquis of Saint-Méran, whose daughter married Villefort and died soon after.

Chapter 44: The House at Auteuil

When Monte Cristo explores the grounds of his new summerhouse, his steward, Bertuccio, becomes frantic and starts telling him a story.

Chapter 45: The Vendetta

Years ago, after Villefort refused to prosecute the assassins of Bertuccio's brother, Bertuccio followed him to where Villefort kept his mistress, and stabbed him as he was burying a smothered baby. Bertuccio raised the baby, Benedetto, but the boy later disappeared. In the meantime, while running from the authorities for smuggling goods, Bertuccio witnessed Caderousse and his wife selling the diamond Abbé Busoni had given them to a jeweler.

Chapter 46: The Rain of Blood

Caderousse murdered the jeweler and his own wife and fled with the payment and the diamond. Bertuccio was arrested for the crime, but told the police about Abbé Busoni, and he visited him in prison, suggesting he contact the Count of Monte Cristo if he was freed. Caderousse confessed and was sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor. Bertuccio was released and went to work for Monte Cristo. Then, at age eleven, Benedetto tortured his adopted mother and killed her.

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Chapter 47: Unlimited Credit

Monte Cristo buys Madame Danglars's horses and visits Danglars with the horses attached to his coach to open a credit account.

Chapter 48: The Dapper Grays

After Madame Danglars becomes enraged with her husband for selling her horses, Monte Cristo returns them as a gift. The next day, knowing that Madame Villefort was borrowing these horses, Monte Cristo arranges to scare the horses in front of his house and then pretend to save her and her son, Edward.

Chapter 49: Ideology

Villefort visits Monte Cristo to thank him for saving his wife and son and reveals that his father, Noirtier, has been paralyzed by a stroke.

Chapter 50: Haydée

Monte Cristo visits his Greek slave, Haydée, tells her she is free to leave, but asks her not to reveal the secret of her birth to anyone in Paris.

Chapter 51: The Morrel Family

Monte Cristo visits Maximilian Morrel at the house of his sister, Julie, and her husband, Emmanuel. They tell Monte Cristo their happiness is due to a benefactor they never identified and show him the red silk purse and the diamond he gave them. Monte Cristo suggests the benefactor might have been Lord Wilmore, but Maximilian reveals his father thought their benefactor was Dantès, making Monte Cristo leave abruptly.

Chapter 52: Pyramus and Thisbe

At the gate of Villefort's garden, Maximilian meets Valentine, his secret love and Villefort's daughter from his first marriage. Valentine doesn't want to marry her fiancée, Franz d'Epinay, but Maximilian is too poor, and her father seems to hate the Morrel family.

Chapter 53: Toxicology

Monte Cristo discusses poisoning with Madame de Villefort and promises to send her some of the potion he used to revive her son Edward, which is effective in small doses but lethal in large ones.

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Chapter 54: Robert Le Diable

Haydée recognizes Fernand as the man who betrayed her father, Ali Pacha, to the Turks and sold her into slavery.

Chapter 55: A Talk about Stocks

Albert and Lucien visit Monte Cristo. Albert tells him he is reluctant to marry Eugénie Danglars as she is too erudite and masculine. Lucien reveals that Madame Danglars, his lover, gambles her husband's money in stocks, and Monte Cristo concludes Debray regularly gives her privileged information.

Chapter 56: Major Cavalcanti

Monte Cristo instructs a man to pretend to be Marquis Bartolomeo Cavalcanti, an Italian nobleman who has searched for his kidnapped son for fifteen years.

Chapter 57: Andrea Cavalcanti

Monte Cristo instructs a younger man to play the part of Andrea Cavalcanti, Bartolomeo's son, reunited with his father by Monte Cristo. He invites them to a dinner party he is giving the following Saturday.

Chapter 58: At the Gate

At the Villefort garden, Maximilian and Valentine talk about Franz's eminent return to Paris, her stepmother's wish to send Valentine to a convent so that her son Edward will receive her inheritance, and Eugénie's wish to lead an independent life as an artist.

Chapter 59: M. Noirtier de Villefort

After Valentine's parents enrage Noirtier by telling him about her engagement to Franz, son of his greatest political enemy, Valentine tells her grandfather she doesn't want to marry Franz, and he promises to help her.

Chapter 60: The Will

Noirtier has his will rewritten to provide that if Valentine marries Franz, all his inheritance will go to the poor, but Villefort refuses to call off the engagement.

Chapter 61: The Telegraph

Monte Cristo invites the Villeforts to his upcoming dinner party and says he would like to visit a telegraph office, and they suggest he visit the Spanish line.

Chapter 62: The Bribe

Monte Cristo bribes the operator of a telegraph post to pass along a false report. Debray hears about an eminent revolution in Spain and urges Madame Danglars to sell her husband's Spanish bonds. She follows his advice, the evening's paper confirms the news, and the Danglars save a fortune. But the following day, the newspaper retracts the news, and the Danglars lose a lot of money.

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Chapter 63: Shadows

At Monte Cristo's dinner party, he introduces the two impostors and tells the Danglars Andrea Cavalcanti wants to find a wife. Bertuccio tells Monte Cristo that Madame Danglars was the baroness who used to meet Villefort, is surprised to see Villefort alive, and recognizes Andrea is Benedetto.

Chapter 64: The Dinner

Monte Cristo leads the party to a bedroom where he feels a horrible crime was committed, describes what happened between Madame Danglars and Villefort, then takes the guests to the garden and shows them a spot where he claims to have found the skeleton of a newborn baby. Villefort whispers to Madame Danglars he must see her next day.

Chapter 65: The Beggar

After the party, Caderousse, who has escaped from prison, surprises Benedetto and forces him to agree to a monthly allowance.

Chapter 66: A Conjugal Scene

Back home from the party, Danglars bursts into Madame Danglars's room, asks Debray to leave, complains about Debray not helping defray the costs of his loss with the Spanish bonds, reveals he knows she bore Villefort's child and that her first husband killed himself as a result.

Chapter 67: Matrimonial Plans

Danglars tells Monte Cristo about his intention to marry his daughter to Andrea Cavalcanti, who is richer than Albert, reveals Fernand's past, and agrees to make inquiries about Fernand's involvement in the Ali Pacha affair.

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Chapter 68: The Office of the Procureur du Roi

Villefort tells Madame Danglars that their child must still be alive and that Monte Cristo knows about their crime. He promises to find out more about Monte Cristo's past.

Chapter 69: A Summer Ball

Albert invites Monte Cristo to his family's ball.

Chapter 70: The Inquiry

Villefort discovers that Monte Cristo has two old acquaintances in Paris: Abbé Busoni and Lord Wilmore. The police commissioner hears from Busoni (Dantès in disguise) that Monte Cristo is the son of a rich shipbuilder and Villefort hears from Wilmore (Dantès in disguise again) that Monte Cristo made his fortune with a silver mine in the Middle East and is digging up a mineral spring.

Chapter 71: The Ball

At the Morcerf's ball, Mercédès notices that Monte Cristo refuses to eat or drink anything.

Chapter 72: Bread and Salt

Mercédès draws Monte Cristo to the garden and tries to convince him to eat some fruit, which he refuses. They discuss their past in a roundabout way, and Monte Cristo promises he considers her a friend. Villefort announces his former father-in-law, the Marquis de Saint-Méran, is dead.

Chapter 73: Madame de Saint-Méran

The Marquise de Saint-Méran, dying, describes seeing someone moving the glass on her nightstand during the night and orders Valentine to be married to Franz when he returns to France.

Chapter 74: The Promise

Maximilian informs Valentine that Franz is back and convinces her to elope with him. That night, as she doesn't show up, Maximilian approaches her house and overhears a doctor telling Villefort the marquise has died and might have been poisoned. Anxious about Valentine, Maximilian finds her, and she introduces him to Noirtier, who says he has a plan to prevent Valentine from marrying Franz.

Chapter 75: The Villerfort Family Vault

After the burial of the marquis and marquise, Franz comes to Villefort to sign the marriage contract and is summoned by Noirtier.

Chapter 76: A Signed Statement

Noirtier reveals to Franz he killed his father in a duel, and Villefort flees the room.

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Chapter 77: Progress of M. Cavalcanti the Younger

When Monte Cristo and Andrea visit the Danglars's home, Eugénie goes to play music with her teacher, Louise d'Armily, and Danglars insists Andrea joins them. Albert arrives and Danglars mistreats him.

Chapter 78: Haydée

Monte Cristo allows Albert to meet Haydée on the condition he doesn't mention his father's name. Haydée bewilders Albert with the story of how her father and ruler of the Greek state of Yanina, Ali Pacha, had been betrayed by his right-hand man, a French soldier, who allowed their castle to be taken and her father to be murdered by the Turks.

Chapter 79: Yanina

Franz calls off his engagement to Valentine. Noirtier changes his will again, leaving his fortune to Valentine on the condition she is never separated from him. Danglars tells Fernand he has changed his mind about the engagement between Albert and Eugénie. An article reports that a man named Fernand betrayed Ali Pacha to the Turks. Albert gives Beauchamp the option to retract the article or fight a duel, and Beauchamp asks for three weeks to investigate the matter before deciding.

Chapter 80: The Lemonade

Noirtier's servant dies after drinking from his master's lemonade, and the doctor finds poison in the glass.

Chapter 81: The Accusation

The doctor deduces the poison was meant for Noirtier and concludes Valentine must be the murderer, as she is the sole heiress of all the victims so far.

Chapter 82: The Room of the Retired Baker

As Caderousse presses Benedetto for more money, Benedetto reveals he thinks Monte Cristo is his father and that he will receive a large inheritance, so Caderousse decides to break into Monte Cristo's home while he is away.

Chapter 83: The Burglary

Warned about the robbery, Monte Cristo stays in his home and, disguised as Abbé Busoni, forces Caderousse to reveal how he and Benedetto escaped prison with the help of Lord Wilmore, threatens to reveal that Andrea is Benedetto, and makes him write a note to Danglars about Andrea. Busoni lets Caderousse leave the house, aware that Benedetto is outside waiting to kill him.

Chapter 84: The Hand of God

Benedetto stabs Caderousse, and Monte Cristo makes the latter sign a statement naming Benedetto as his murderer. Monte Cristo reveals his identity to Caderousse, who dies, and the police search for Benedetto.

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Chapter 85: Beauchamp

Beauchamp tells Albert he found proof of the allegations against Fernand in Yanina, but promises to suppress the information, for which Albert is grateful.

Chapter 86: The Journey

Monte Cristo takes Albert to his home in Normandy, but Beauchamp urges him back with a letter and a newspaper clipping linking Morcerf to the Ali Pacha affair.

Chapter 87: The Trial

Beauchamp tells Albert that, after a man brought condemning documents from Yanina to a rival newspaper and the article was printed, the government body to which Morcerf belongs opened an investigation. Haydée testifies and produces documents incriminating Morcerf, and the judges find him guilty.

Chapter 88: The Challenge

After swearing to kill the man responsible for his father's disgrace, Albert talks to Danglars and concludes Monte Cristo is behind the plot.

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Chapter 89: The Insult

Albert asks Mercédès whether she knows of any reason why Monte Cristo should consider Fernand his enemy, and she tries to dissuade him from fighting Monte Cristo. Albert meets Franz, Debray, and Maxilian at the opera and storms into Monte Cristo's box, challenging him to a duel. Monte Cristo asks Maximilian and Emmanuel to be his assistants at the duel.

Chapter 90: Mercédès

Mercédès visits Monte Cristo, and he explains why he hates Fernand, showing her the false accusation he mailed against Dantès. She begs his forgiveness and pleads him to spare his son's life.

Chapter 91: The Meeting

On the day of the duel, Monte Cristo confides to Maximilian and Emmanuel that he plans to let himself be killed, but when Alberto arrives, he apologizes to Monte Cristo, saying he was right to avenge Fernand's wrongdoing.

Chapter 92: The Mother and Son

As Albert and Mercédès are about to leave their home and possessions, Monte Cristo sends her a letter instructing her to retrieve and use the money Dantès buried in front of his house in Marseilles. She accepts the gift and plans to use it to enter a convent.

Chapter 93: The Suicide

Fernand bursts into Monte Cristo's home, challenges him to a duel, and demands to know who Monte Cristo really is. When Monte Cristo puts on sailor clothes, Fernand recognizes Dantès, flees to his house, see his wife and son departing, and shoots himself in the head.

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Chapter 94: Valentine

Maximilian visits Valentine and Noirtier and finds her ill and complaining that all drinks taste bitter. As Madame Danglars and Eugénie visit, announcing that Eugénie will marry Andrea in a week, Valentine loses consciousness.

Chapter 95: The Confession

Maximilian begs Monte Cristo to help Valentine. In Villefort's home, Noirtier tells the doctor that Valentine has been poisoned, like all the other victims, but is still alive because he has been accustoming her to brucine. Monte Cristo, dressed as Abbé Busoni, rents the house next to Villefort’s.

Chapter 96: The Father and Daughter

Danglars convinces Eugénie to marry Andrea to save himself from financial ruin, but she asks him not to use any of Cavalcanti's money.

Chapter 97: The Contract

As the marriage contract is being signed at the Danglars's residence, Monte Cristo mentions the letter Caderousse wrote to Danglars, and two gendarmes come in to arrest Andrea, who has disappeared.

Chapter 98: The Departure for Belgium

After the wedding guests leave, Eugénie plans to run away to Italy, via Belgium, with Louise and make a living from their music. Eugénie cuts her hair, dresses like a man, and the two women leave in a carriage.

Chapter 99: The Hotel of the Bell and the Bottle

Benedetto flees Paris, stops overnight at an inn, wakes up to find gendarmes around the hotel, tries to escape, and falls into the room where Eugénie and Louise are staying. They give the alarm, and Benedetto is arrested.

Chapter 100: The Law

Madame Danglars begs Villefort not to pursue the case against Andrea for her family's dignity. He refuses, and they hear Andrea has been arrested.

Chapter 101: The Apparition

Monte Cristo visits Valentine, who's been sick, explains he has been watching her from his window next door, replacing the poison put into her glass with curative contents, and advises her to pretend to be asleep to find out who is trying to kill her.

Chapter 102: The Serpent

After Valentine sees Madame de Villefort pour poison into her glass, Monte Cristo explains she wants her inheritance for Edward, asks Valentine to trust him, and gives her a pill.

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Chapter 103: Valentine

Madame de Villefort enters Valentine's room, who seems dead, and empties the cup and cleans it. When she comes back, after the household has been notified of Valentine's death, the glass is filled again, the doctor detects the poison in it, and she faints.

Chapter 104: Maximilian

When Maximilian demands that Valentine's murder be avenged, Noirtier signals he knows who the murderer is and talks to Villefort alone. They ask the other people in the household to keep the crime secret, Abbé Busoni is called to pray over the body, and Monte Cristo locks the doors of the room.

Chapter 105: Danglars's Signature

Monte Cristo convinces Danglars to give him five checks of one million francs each that Danglars was making out for the hospital. When the Commissioner of Hospitals learns his five million francs have been given to a single individual, Danglars promises he will have the money the next day but actually plans to run away.

Chapter 106: The Cemetery of Père-la-Chaise

After Valentine's funeral, to prevent Maximilian from killing himself, Monte Cristo reveals he is Dantès and makes Maximillian promise to remain alive for one month and never leave his side. If Maximillian is unhappy after a month, he will help him commit suicide.

Chapter 107: The Division

The day after Danglars leaves, Madame Danglars shows Debray his letter explaining why he ran away. Debray gives her half of the profits they have made, indicating he is no longer interested in her. In the same hotel, Albert tells his mother he has enlisted in the army and gives her the check he received for joining. Observing them, Debray is struck by the contrast between Mercédès and Madame Danglars's reactions to misfortune, and Monte Cristo swears to restore Mercédès's and Albert's happiness.

Chapter 108: The Lion's Den

Bertuccio visits Benedetto in prison to reveal the identity of his father, but they are interrupted, and Bertuccio promises to return the next day.

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Chapter 109: The Judge

Before leaving for Benedetto's trial, Villefort tells his wife he knows she is a murderer and that she should take her own life to avoid bringing shame on their family. He adds that, if she has not done that before he returns from court, he will denounce her.

Chapter 110: The Assizes

Benedetto's trial is a major event, and all of the fashionable Parisians discuss it and turn out at the courthouse to watch.
During the trial, Benedetto announces he is Villefort's son and tells the story of his birth, rescue, and adoption. The court asks for proof, but Villefort declares himself guilty. 

Chapter 111: Expiation

Villefort regrets telling his wife to kill herself and decides to flee France with her. However, when he comes home, he finds her and Edward dead. He runs to Noirtier and finds him with Abbé Busoni, who reveals himself to be Dantès. Dantès tries to revive Edward, Villefort goes insane, and Dantès doubts his revenge project.

Chapter 112: The Departure

Maximillian leaves Paris with Monte Cristo, who declares his work of vengeance done.

Chapter 113: The House in the Allées de Meillan

In Marseilles, Maximillian and Monte Cristo see Albert boarding a ship for Africa, Maximillian visits his father's grave, and Monte Cristo visits Mercédès, promising to help her son.   Monte Cristo asks Maximilian to wait in Marseilles while he takes care of some business in Italy.

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Chapter 114: Peppino

Danglars goes to Italy and uses Monte Cristo's receipt to retrieve five million francs. But next day, Vampa's bandits kidnap and incarcerate him. 

Chapter 115: Luigi Vampa's Bill of Fare

Danglars requests food but has to pay a ridiculously high price for it.

Chapter 116: The Pardon

After several days and having spent most of his money on food, Danglars tries to fast, but ends up crying for mercy. When he swears that he repents of his evil ways, Monte Cristo appears, forgives him, reveals his true identity, and lets Danglars go.

Chapter 117: The Fifth of October

On the day Maximilian's one month expires, he goes to Monte Cristo's island, still determined to die. Monte Cristo tests his resolve and, pretending to relent to his wishes, puts him into a deep sleep. Valentine appears, and Monte Cristo tells her not to leave Maximilian's side and to look after Haydée. He tells Haydée he is going to restore her position as a princess and orders her to forget him and be happy. She says she would die if she has to leave him, so he accepts her love as a sign that God has forgiven him, and they withdraw. Maximilian wakes up and finds Valentine and a letter from Monte Cristo, instructing them to go to Leghorn, where Noirtier is waiting to marry them, and giving him and Valentine his properties.

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