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What role does Snowman say he plays in relation to the Crakers?

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Whose portrait did Crake use as his secret passkey into the Grandmasters-only area of Extinctathon?

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What animal does Snowman associate with Oryx?

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Why does Snowman sleep in a tree?

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Why did Snowman’s mother run away?

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Where did Snowman and Crake first encounter Oryx?

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Why do the Crakers purr over Snowman when he returns from Paradice?

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What happened to Snowman’s childhood pet rakunk, Killer?

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What kind of extinct animal did Crake name himself after?

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What did Oryx sell to tourists when she worked for Uncle En?

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What genetically modified food product sparked global economic and social tensions?

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How did Snowman learn about his mother’s death?

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What was Crake’s BlyssPluss pill designed to do?

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What was the name of the first company Snowman worked for after graduating from Martha Graham?

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How did Oryx learn English?

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A herd of what type of animal traps Snowman in the RejoovenEsense watchtower?

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What lesson did Oryx tell Snowman she learned from her experience in the child pornography industry?

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What causes Snowman’s foot to get infected?

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What sign indicates to Snowman that there may be other human survivors?

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How did Crake’s father die?

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What was Snowman’s Extinctathon username?

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What is the main aim of God’s Gardeners?

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Who or what is MaddAddam?

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Why did Snowman kill Crake?

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Which of the following IS NOT one of the features of Crake’s genetically redesigned humans?