Summary: Chapter 4

Snowman notices a rakunk nearby. He imagines taming the raccoon–skunk hybrid in order to have someone to talk to. The narrative then shifts to Jimmy’s tenth birthday, when his father gave him a pet rakunk that he named Killer.

Shortly after Jimmy’s tenth birthday, the company NooSkins headhunted his father. The family moved to the HelthWyzer Compound, which was bigger and more luxurious than OrganInc Farms. Jimmy’s mother again expressed her discontent at feeling like a prisoner.

One night Jimmy’s father came home from work wanting to celebrate a breakthrough in his new project, which entailed using pigoons to grow human skin cells. Jimmy’s mother refused to celebrate, and instead criticized her husband’s work as morally reprehensible.

Several years passed, and Jimmy grew increasingly detached from his parents. His only companion at home remained Killer.

One day Jimmy came home to find a note from his mother. She had run away, and before she left she destroyed her husband’s computer. She also abducted Killer, whom she planned to release into the wild. Jimmy didn’t know whether he mourned the loss of his mother or his pet rakunk more.

In the aftermath of her departure, CorpSeCorps agents interrogated Jimmy regarding his mother’s whereabouts. He claimed not to know anything, even though he received cryptic postcards from an “Aunt Monica” that clearly came from his mother.