Daly, Jay. Presenting S. E. Hinton. Boston: Twayne Author Series, 1989. 

Daly’s book includes chapters that give in-depth analyses of each of Hinton’s novels plus a chapter devoted to the author’s biography.  

Forster, H. M. “A Book, a Place, a Time: Using Young Adult Novels in a Reading Workshop.” English Journal 84, no. 5 (1995): 115–119.  

This article looks at how one teacher creates the conditions within her classroom to engage her young students in the act of reading. The teacher gives students the time and the space to read and directs them toward young adult novels, including The Outsiders, that resonate with their own experiences. 

Harris, Laurie, ed. Biography Today: Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers (Author Series, Vol. 1). Detroit: Omnigraphics, 1995. 

This volume contains biographical information about S.E. Hinton, which includes information about her early memories, education, hobbies, memorable experiences, and honors and awards she received.  

Hinton, S.E. Rumble Fish. New York: Delacorte, 1975. 

Hinton's novel centers on Rusty James, age fourteen, who idolizes his older brother, Motorcycle Boy, who has always been around to get Rusty out of trouble. The story depicts Rusty following Motorcycle Boy’s violent and destructive path and then beginning to remake his life when Motorcycle Boy is gone.  

———. Tex. New York: Delacorte, 1980. 

Hinton’s novel features Tex McCormick, age fifteen, and his brother, Mason, age seventeen, who live by themselves most of the time while their father is off working the rodeo circuit. The novel follows the evolution of their relationship from Tex’s rebellion against their living situation to finding acceptance. 

———. That Was Then, This Is Now. New York: Viking, 1971. 

Hinton’s novel follows the different paths two brothers, Bryon Douglas and Mark Jennings, take as they figure out the directions of their lives. This story takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a time period that overlaps with that of The Outsiders

Kjelle, Marylou Morano. S. E. Hinton: Author of The Outsiders. Berkeley Heights: Enslow Publishers, 2007. 

This biography of Hinton includes analyses of her novels, critical commentary on her work, and interviews with the author. 

Kovacs, Deborah, ed. Meet the Authors: 25 Writers of Upper Elementary and Middle School Books Talk about Their Work. New York: Scholastic, 1996. 

This collection of author interviews, including one with Hinton, is intended to give students insight into authors’ approaches to writing in order to deepen the students’ understanding of the authors’ works. The collection also includes writing activities designed by the authors themselves. 

Miklowitz, Gloria. The War Between the Classes. New York: Laurel Leaf, 1986. 

Published in 1985, Miklowitz’s novel examines stereotyping and how stereotypes can be overcome. The story of Amy and Adam, an interracial couple trying to maintain their relationship despite parental objections, is told against the backdrop of a high school assignment intended to reveal the ways in which people categorize and stereotype each other.