The Sun Also Rises is a modernist novel, a travelogue, and a novel of disillusionment.

Point of View

Jake Barnes tells the entire story from his own point of view.


The tone of the novel is somber, detached, ironic, and nostalgic.


The Sun Also Rises is told in the past tense.


The novel takes place in 1924, beginning in Paris, France, moving to Pamplona, Spain, and concluding in Madrid, Spain.


The behavior of the bulls repeatedly foreshadows the actions of the people in the novel.

Major Conflict

Jake is in love with Lady Brett Ashley, but they cannot maintain a relationship because he was rendered impotent by a war wound. Jake loses numerous friendships and has his life repeatedly disrupted because of his loyalty to Brett, who has a destructive series of love affairs with other men.

Rising Action

Jake, Brett, and their friends pursue a dissipated life in Paris; Jake introduces Brett to Robert Cohn; Brett and Cohn have an affair; Cohn follows Brett to Pamplona.


The jilted Cohn beats up Mike and Jake, and afterward Pedro Romero.

Falling Action

Jake and his friends leave Spain; Jake enjoys the solitude of San Sebastian; Brett wires Jake to rescue her in Madrid after forcing Romero to leave her.