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1. The action of the novel takes place in what area of England?

2. Which of the following does John Durbeyfield learn at the beginning of the novel?

3. Angel and Tess first see each other at:

4. Who tells Angel that Tess has gone to Sandbourne?

5. After Angel picks up Tess while sleepwalking, where does he place her?

6. Which of these women is not a milkmaid?

7. Angel plays which musical instrument?

8. In what town did Tess grow up?

9. Why can’t Mr. Durbeyfield make the trip to the market?

10. What advice does Mrs. Durbeyfield give Tess?

11. How much money does Angel give to Tess?

12. How much of the money does Tess initially give to her family?

13. What part of the house do the Durbeyfields need to repair?

14. Where is the Talbothays Dairy located?

15. Who does Cuthbert Clare marry?

16. Midway through the novel, Alec becomes a:

17. Who is primarily responsible for Prince’s death?

18. Angel leaves England to farm where?

19. What is the stone monument called on which Alec makes Tess swear?

20. Which of these people or animals does Tess not kill?

21. What is the name of the bar to which the Durbeyfield’s go?

22. What does Tess confess to Angel on their wedding night?

23. Liza-Lu is Tess’s:

24. How does Alec die?

25. How does Tess die?