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What is a kite runner?

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How did Ali come into Baba’s family?

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What is it that worries Baba about Amir?

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How is Hassan’s cleft lip fixed?

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Why does Amir think Baba doesn’t love him fully?

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Why doesn’t Amir stop Hassan’s rape?

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What does Amir put under Hassan’s mattress to frame him?

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Why do Baba and Amir leave Kabul?

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When Baba and Amir flee Kabul, what does Baba say to the Russian guard who tries to rape the woman in the truck with them?

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Where do Baba and Amir end up in the U.S.?

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What does Amir decide to study in college?

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Where does Amir meet Soraya?

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When Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer and Amir says he doesn’t know what to do without him, what does Baba tell Amir?

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Which accurately describes the traditional Afghan way of proposing marriage, which we see in the novel?

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What do Amir and Soraya want to do but are not able to?

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What does Rahim Khan say to Amir to convince Amir to go to Pakistan?

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Who is Hassan’s real father?

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Why does Rahim Khan want Amir to go to Kabul?

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Why does Farid initially dislike Amir?

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What do Farid and Amir see during the half-time show of the soccer game in Kabul?

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Why does Amir laugh when Assef beats him?

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Why is it significant that Sohrab shoots out Assef’s eye with his slingshot?

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Why does Amir have difficulty adopting Sohrab?

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What will Sohrab no longer do after he attempts suicide?

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What metaphor does Amir use to explain the importance of Sohrab smiling?