Becoming a Writer: Khaled Hosseini's Unique Journey, September 2013

This is a conversational interview in which Khaled Hosseini discusses what he went through before publishing his first novel, the techniques he uses to guide his writing, and the film adaptation of his work.

Council on Foreign Relations Guide to the Taliban

This is an interactive guide with maps, graphs, and timelines intended to explain the Taliban and its place in world history. This site expands on many of the Taliban-related events that appear in The Kite Runner.

Viewfinder: The Real Kite Runners

This short film on kite-fighting in Afghanistan includes interviews with a kite-maker and an adult kite-fighter. They discuss the history and cultural significance of kite-fighting as well as some of the techniques involved in the actual fights.

The "Kite Runner" controversy

In this Salon interview, Khaled Hosseini discusses the aftermath of the film version of The Kite Runner. The child actors in the film were so persecuted for participating in the production that several had to flee Afghanistan to escape threats of violence.

Teaching 'The Kite Runner' With The New York Times

This New York Times article outlines how to use The Kite Runner as a teaching tool, suggesting five topics for consideration. These topics include abuse of power, the history of Afghanistan, redemption, immigration to America, and the controversy surrounding the filming of the novel.

BBC Radio 4 - Bookclub, Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner

This is a BBC Radio interview hosted by James Naughtie in which Khaled Hosseini responds to reader questions. He discusses elements of the novel, as well as how western stereotypes about Afghanistan have changed over the twentieth century.