The Kite Runner’s ending offers the first glimmer of hope for Amir and Sohrab. While at a gathering of Afghans at an American park, Sohrab (who hasn’t spoken in months) helps Amir kite-fight, and even smiles when Amir offers to run the kite they defeated. Though Amir’s internal burden grew lighter after his cathartic fight with Assef, that moment did nothing for Sohrab, who remains a rape survivor and refugee of a war-torn country who does not fully trust his adopted family not to abandon him. Amir’s offer to run the fallen kite reflects his childhood friendship with Hassan, but significantly, Amir is now taking on Hassan’s role as the kite runner. Hassan’s childhood role was one of patience, service, and loving devotion. If Amir takes on these attributes with Sohrab, the reader has reason to hope that the future will be better for both and they can each move beyond the past that haunts them.