Fayaway is Tommo's love. She is graceful and beautiful, with blue eyes, dewy olive skin, and dark, long tresses that frequently glimmer with coconut oil. Fayaway's every gesture and actions suggests her innocence. Although Tommo is surrounded by numerous lovely, half-dressed maidens, Fayaway's form of beauty and innocence makes her his chosen one. Tommo sees her as a veritable child of Eden. Fayaway essentially is the equivalent of "Eve," to Tommo's "Adam."

While Fayaway plays an important symbolic role with her innocence, her character is never developed. She rarely speaks and her inner thoughts are never shown. She appears kind because she does not act in an unkind manner, yet the motivation behind all of her actions is not clear. We never actually know if she likes Tommo. What she does all day long is never mentioned. The only thing we know about her is that Tommo admires her greatly. She usually appears in the text only when Tommo wants to profile her physical beauty. We may admire it as he does, but we unfortunately shall never know what goes on in her mind. Fayaway will remain for the entire story a symbol, not a strong three-dimensional character.